Air to Air Heat Exchangers

SUNBEAM Air -To - Air Heat Exchangers are used with electrical & electronic Panels where internal electric components can withstand and function with slightly above ambient temperature and humidity is not a factor.

Since the internal cabinet temperature is above ambient temperature, the side of electronic cabinet emits heat to ambient. Sunbeam Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger provides more heat transfer area to emit heat to ambient.

 Choice of Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers
  • Aluminium Fin Type
  • Heat Pipe Type

  • Closed Loop Design.
  • Inside as well as outside installation possible.
  • Easy for maintenance.
  • Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers for outdoor appliances available on request.
  • Choices of side top, front inside and outside vertical and horizantal mounting are available.
  • Units with energy efficient scroll compressors are available on request.
  • 100 % functionally tested.
  • DC voltage available if required.
  • Custom built enquiries are also entertained.

 Quality Control

  • All components are thoroughly tested and inspected before assembly.
  • All machines after assembly are tested on specially designed
  • test rig at full load before dispatch.

 Capacity Range
  • 5 Watts to 110 Watts