E Rooms


An E House is a room made to keep electrical equipments in cool environment. It is designed to withstand rough handling, lifting and shifting. The structure is designed and analyzed in 3D software to take load of electrical equipments placed inside the room while handling. it is designed double wall construction with suitable insulation for low heat transfer.

E House has sealed openings for cable entry and AC tube entry at both sides. It has two sealed doors each side to allow quick exit in emergency. The E House is equipped with sufficient luminiars, emergency light, fire extinguisher, fire alarm and smoke detector system for safety purpose. The size of E House is usually specified by the crane manufacturer. The eHouse is normally designed to Ip54 protection class. Surface treatment and painting is done as per requirement.

  • Steel Melting Shop
  • Foundry
  • Coke Oven Facilities
  • Panels On Bridge Cranes
  • Cement Plants
  • Rolling Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Mining Equipment
  • EOT Cranes